Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

I've been asked if my business has been impacted by COVID-19 and the answer is "not really". Whilst deliveries of raw ingredients are taking longer than usual, I currently have access to everything I need to make all my products. My wonderful retailers and other outlets are providing in-store and on-line purchase options, and of course you can order via my on-line shop.  Stay well and thank you for your support. Jenny    


Jenny's Grain Free brings you food that is nutritious, delicious and based on two very simple principles:

1. Absolutely no grain...that's a promise!
2. I only make and sell products that I want to eat and would proudly serve to my family and friends.

Perhaps like me you're already enjoying a grain free lifestyle. I made this lifestyle change in 2014 after developing full body lymphedema following life-saving cancer treatment.  Hopefully your reason for seeking grain-free products isn’t that drastic!

You might be loving Paleo, have been diagnosed with Coeliac disease, or you've simply figured out for yourself that your body doesn't like gluten or wheat.

I've recently added low-carb and low sugar products to my range to meet the increasing popularity of keto/low sugar diets.

You may not have made any such dietary or lifestyle changes and are simply seeking delicious thoughtfully prepared food.

Whatever your story, Jenny's Grain Free products are for you.

All my products are proudly handmade in small batches in rural NSW.

Living a grain free lifestyle can sometimes be a challenge. I started making my granola-style Jenola because I couldn’t find any products on the market that I liked. My friends and family loved it so I started making Jenola for them and with their encouragement I started Jenny’s Grain Free selling on-line. My products are now in stores in Canberra and the Capital Region and via a national hamper company. I'm always looking to be able to bring Jenny's Grain Free products to a wider audience through more retail outlets.

I’d love to know what you think of my products and I'm happy to answer any questions that I haven't covered elsewhere on this site.

All the best!

Jenny Warren